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Research Interests:

Currently my research interests cover 
storage and energy saving in cloud computing, Data analysis and visualization, embedded system, wireless sensor network, computer system architecture  and so on.


  1. Multi source heterogeneous data analysis and prediction model, Some listed Co., 2018-2019, PI
  2. Film and Video Data analysis, Some Telecom operator, 2016-2018, PI
  3. Data analysis for the extension of product liability for electronic and electrical products, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, 2016-2018, PI
  4. Key techniques of the multiplier and computing platform of the ternary optical computer, National Science Foundation of China, 2016.1-2019.12, PI
  5. On the Research of Key Theory and Method of Service Scheduling on Trusted Hybrid Cloud,  National Science Foundation of China, 2016.1-2016.12, Particippator 
  6. Key technologies of big data visualization analysis platform and its typical applications, Key project of Science and Technology Committee of Shanghai Municipality, 2014.7-2016.6, Participator
  7. Redundant digit based optical parallel adder, National Science Foundation of China, 2012.1-2014.12, PI
  8. Development of high scalable and parall CFD application software, Key project of Science and Technology Committee of Shanghai Municipality, 2010.11-2013.6, Participator
  9. Theory and implementation of a new low-energy-consumption high data-bit optical adder, Innovation project of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, 2011.1-2012.12, PI
  10. Testing techniques based on optimal distance, National Science Foundation of China, 2011.1-2013.12, Participator
  11. Monitoring system of ternary optical computer and its fundamentals, Ph.D. Programs Foundation of Ministry of Education of China, 2010.1-2012.12, Participator
  12. Virtual resources management based on cloud computing, Science Foundation of Shanghai municipality, 2010.4-2012.3, 2nd investigator
  13. Protocols for cloud computing end devices, Some cloud computing Co. Ltd., 2010.8-2011.3, Participator
  14. Multi-cluster resources management based on applications, Innovation project of Shanghai education committee, 2010.1-2012.12, Participator
  15. New storage and cache acess techniques, Some storage technology  Co. Ltd., 2010.3-2010.12, Participator
  16. Programming patterns in heterogeneous multi-core cluster environment, Open-Ended Fund of the key lab of Chinese Academy of Science, PI
  17. Key techniques of the implementation of the adder in ternary optical computer, Project of excellent young talents in the universities in Shanghai, 2008-2010, PI
  18. New location based services brought by Galileo, sub-project of the Galileo cooperation project between China and EU, 2006-2007, Participator
  19. Optimization design of embedded operating system and evaluation of its dependability, the tenth-five Years National Defence Research Programme of China, 2001-1005, Participator

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